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Pronunciation of Rice: Learn how to pronounce Rice in English correctly

Learn how to say Rice correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rice:

[mass noun]
a swamp grass which is widely cultivated as a source of food, especially in Asia.
Oryza sativa, family Gramineae. African rice belongs to the related species O. glaberrima, whereas the so-called wild rice is not a true rice at all
the grains of rice used as food.
Rice provides the staple diet of half the world’s population and is second only to wheat in terms of total output. Rice seedlings are usually planted in flooded fields or paddies, so that terraces are necessary on hillsides and a reliable source of water is essential

[with object] North American
force (cooked potatoes or other vegetables) through a sieve or ricer:
(as adjective riced)
riced boiled potatoes

Middle English: from Old French ris, from Italian riso, from Greek oruza