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Pronunciation of Retrievable: Learn how to pronounce Retrievable in English correctly

Learn how to say Retrievable correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word retrieve:

[with object]
1get or bring (something) back from somewhere:
I was sent to retrieve the balls from his garden
Steven stooped and retrieved his hat
(of a dog) find and bring back (game that has been shot):
labradors are used to retrieve the birds after the flush
[no object] reel or bring in a fishing line:
when he reaches the breakers, with you retrieving furiously, he’ll probably change course
2find or extract (information stored in a computer):
other features include the ability to store, update, retrieve, and print your data
recall (something):
the police hope to encourage him to retrieve forgotten memories
3put right or improve (an unwelcome situation):
he made one last desperate attempt to retrieve the situation
1an act of retrieving something, especially game that has been shot:
watch the dog make the long retrieves
an act of reeling or drawing in a fishing line:
the chances are that the retrieve will bring your bait through an area of unfished water
2 [mass noun] archaic the possibility of recovery:
he ruined himself beyond retrieve
Pronunciation: /-ˈbɪlɪti/

late Middle English (in the sense ‘find lost game’): from Old French retroeve-, stressed stem of retrover ‘find again’