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Pronunciation of Retrench: Learn how to pronounce Retrench in English correctly

Learn how to say Retrench correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word retrench:

[no object]
(of an organization or individual) reduce costs or spending in response to economic difficulty:
as a result of the recession the company retrenched
[with object]:
if people are forced to retrench their expenditure trade will suffer
[with object] Australian & South African make (an employee) redundant:
if there are excess staff they should be retrenched
[with object] formal reduce (something) in extent or quantity:
right-wing parties which seek to retrench the welfare state
late 16th century (in the now formal usage): from obsolete French retrencher, variant of retrancher, from re- (expressing reversal) + trancher ‘to cut, slice’