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Pronunciation of Retread: Learn how to pronounce Retread in English correctly

Learn how to say Retread correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word retread:

Pronunciation: /riːˈtrɛd/

1 (past retrod; past participle retrodden) [with object] go back over (a path or one’s steps):
they never retread the same ground
2 (past and past participle retreaded) [with object] put a new tread on (a worn tyre):
1.3 million tyres were retreaded
Pronunciation: /ˈriːtrɛd/

1a tyre that has been given a new tread; a remould.
2North American informal a superficially altered version of a film, book, etc.:
a retread of the 30s romantic comedy
3 informal a person retrained for new work or recalled for service:
no administration in recent memory has had so many retreads