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Pronunciation of Resign: Learn how to pronounce Resign in English correctly

Learn how to say Resign correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word resign:

1 [no object] voluntarily leave a job or office:
he resigned from the government in protest at the policy
[with object] give up (an office, privilege, etc.):
four deputies resigned their seats
Chess end a game by conceding defeat without being checkmated:
he lost his Queen and resigned in 45 moves
2 (resign oneself to) accept that something undesirable cannot be avoided:
she resigned herself to a lengthy session
he seems resigned to a shortened career
archaic surrender oneself to another’s guidance:
he vows to resign himself to her direction



late Middle English: from Old French resigner, from Latin resignare ‘unseal, cancel’, from re- ‘back’ + signare ‘sign, seal’