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Pronunciation of Reputed: Learn how to pronounce Reputed in English correctly

Learn how to say Reputed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word repute:

[mass noun]
the opinion generally held of someone or something; the state of being regarded in a particular way:
pollution could bring the authority’s name into bad repute
the state of being highly regarded; fame:
chefs of international repute
(be reputed)
be generally regarded as having done something or as having particular characteristics:
he was reputed to have a fabulous house
(usually as adjective reputed) be generally believed to exist or be the case, despite not being so:
this area gave the lie to the reputed flatness of the country
(usually as adjective reputed) be widely known and well thought of:
intensive training with reputed coaches

late Middle English: from Old French reputer or Latin reputare ‘think over’, from re- (expressing intensive force) + putare ‘think’