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Pronunciation of Replays: Learn how to pronounce Replays in English correctly

Learn how to say Replays correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word replay:

Pronunciation: /riːˈpleɪ/

[with object]
1play back (a recording on tape, video, or film):
he could stop the tape and replay it whenever he wished
2repeat (something, especially an event):
she replayed in her mind every detail of the night before
play (a match) again to decide a winner after the original encounter ended in a draw or contentious result:
United were ordered to replay their FA Cup match
Pronunciation: /ˈriːpleɪ/

1 [mass noun] the playing again of part of a recording, especially so as to be able to watch an incident more closely:
clouds can be studied in speeded-up replay
[count noun]:
the umpire studied TV replays
2an occurrence which closely follows the pattern of a previous event:
the second goal was a replay of the first
a replayed match:
Wilson equalized to earn a replay