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Pronunciation of Repel: Learn how to pronounce Repel in English correctly

Learn how to say Repel correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word repel:

verb (repels, repelling, repelled)
[with object]
1drive or force (an attack or attacker) back or away:
government units sought to repel the rebels
(of a magnetic pole or electric field) force (something similarly magnetized or charged) away from itself:
electrically charged objects attract or repel one another
[no object]:
like poles repel and unlike poles attract
(of a substance) resist mixing with or be impervious to (another substance):
boots with good-quality leather uppers to repel moisture
2be repulsive or distasteful to:
she was repelled by the permanent smell of drink on his breath
3 formal refuse to accept (something, especially an argument or theory):
the alleged right of lien led by the bankrupt’s solicitor was repelled



late Middle English: from Latin repellere, from re- ‘back’ + pellere ‘to drive’

Spelling rule

Double the l when adding endings which begin with a vowel to words which end in a vowel plus l (as in
): (repels, repelling, repelled).