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Pronunciation of Remedied: Learn how to pronounce Remedied in English correctly

Learn how to say Remedied correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word remedy:

noun (plural remedies)
1a medicine or treatment for a disease or injury:
herbal remedies for aches and pains
a means of counteracting or eliminating something undesirable:
shopping became a remedy for personal problems
a means of legal reparation:
compensation is available as a remedy against governmental institutions
2the margin within which coins as minted may differ from the standard fineness and weight.
verb (remedies, remedying, remedied)
[with object]
set right (an undesirable situation):
money will be given to remedy the poor funding of nurseries
Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French remedie, from Latin remedium, from re- ‘back’ (also expressing intensive force) + mederi ‘heal’