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Pronunciation of Relieving: Learn how to pronounce Relieving in English correctly

Learn how to say Relieving correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word relieve:

[with object]
1cause (pain, distress, or difficulty) to become less severe or serious:
the drug was used to promote sleep and to relieve pain
cause (someone) to stop feeling distressed or anxious:
he was relieved by her change of tone
2release (someone) from duty by taking their place:
another signalman relieved him at 5.30
bring military support for (a besieged place):
he dispatched an expedition to relieve the city
3 (relieve someone of) take (a burden) from someone:
he relieved her of her baggage
free someone from (a tiresome responsibility):
she relieved me of the household chores
used ironically to indicate that someone has been deprived of something:
he was relieved of his world title
4make less tedious or monotonous by the introduction of variety:
the bird’s body is black, relieved only by white under the tail
5 (relieve oneself) used as a formal or euphemistic expression for urination or defecation:
train your dog to relieve itself where you want it to
6 archaic make (something) stand out:
the twilight relieving in purple masses the foliage of the island
Middle English: from Old French relever, from Latin relevare, from re- (expressing intensive force) + levare ‘raise’ (from levis ‘light’)