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Pronunciation of Registrations: Learn how to pronounce Registrations in English correctly

Learn how to say Registrations correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word registration:

1 [mass noun] the action or process of registering or of being registered:
the registration of births, marriages, and deaths
[count noun]:
the number of new private car registrations has increased
[count noun] a certificate that attests to the registering of a person, car, etc..
the action or process of acquiring full British citizenship by a Commonwealth resident or a person of British descent:
in certain cases, children may acquire British citizenship through registration
2 (also registration mark or registration number) British the series of letters and figures identifying a motor vehicle, assigned on registration and displayed on a number plate:
her car registration is H53 UVO
3 [mass noun] Music a combination of stops used when playing the organ.

mid 16th century: from medieval Latin registratio(n-), based on Latin regerere ‘enter, record’ (see register)