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Pronunciation of Reasonableness: Learn how to pronounce Reasonableness in English correctly

Learn how to say Reasonableness correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word reasonable:

1having sound judgement; fair and sensible:
no reasonable person could have objected
based on good sense:
it seems a reasonable enough request
the guilt of a person on trial must be proved beyond reasonable doubt
archaic able to reason logically:
man is by nature reasonable
2as much as is appropriate or fair; moderate:
a police officer may use reasonable force to gain entry
fairly good; average:
the carpet is in reasonable condition
(of a price or product) not too expensive:
a restaurant serving excellent food at reasonable prices
they are lovely shoes and very reasonable



Middle English: from Old French raisonable, suggested by Latin rationabilis ‘rational’, from ratio (see reason)