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Pronunciation of Ready: Learn how to pronounce Ready in English correctly

Learn how to say Ready correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ready:

adjective (readier, readiest)
1 [predic.] in a suitable state for an action or situation; fully prepared:
are you ready, Carrie?
I got ready for bed
[with infinitive]:
she was about ready to leave
(of a thing) made suitable and available for immediate use:
dinner’s ready!
could you have the list ready by this afternoon?
(ready with) keen or quick to give:
every time I rang up, she was ready with some excuse
(ready for) in need of or having a desire for:
I expect you’re ready for a drink
2 [with infinitive] willing or eager to do something:
she is ready to die for her political convictions
in such a condition as to be likely to do something:
by the time he arrived he was ready to drop
3easily available or obtained; within reach:
there was a ready supply of drink
the murderer knew that the mallet would be ready to hand
[attributive] immediate, quick, or prompt:
those who have ready access to the arts
a girl with a ready smile
[usually in combination]
done in advance of being needed:
ready-cooked meals
noun (plural readies)
(readies or the ready) British informal
available money; cash.
verb (readies, readying, readied)
[with object]
prepare for an action or purpose:
the spare transformer was readied for shipment
[with object and infinitive]:
she readied herself to speak first

at the ready

prepared or available for immediate use:
the men walk with their guns at the ready
make ready

they were told to make ready for the journey home
ready, steady, go (also North American ready, set, go)

used to announce the beginning of a race.

Middle English: from Old English rǣde (from a Germanic base meaning ‘arrange, prepare’; related to Dutch gereed) + -y1