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Pronunciation of Raspberry: Learn how to pronounce Raspberry in English correctly

Learn how to say Raspberry correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word raspberry:

noun (plural raspberries)
1an edible soft fruit related to the blackberry, consisting of a cluster of reddish-pink drupelets.
2the plant which yields the raspberry, forming tall stiff prickly stems or ‘canes’.
Rubus idaeus, family Rosaceae; cultivars include the loganberry, tayberry, and veitchberry
3 [mass noun] a deep reddish-pink colour:
[as modifier]:
a raspberry tweed jacket
4 informal a sound made with the tongue and lips, expressing derision or contempt:
Clare blew a raspberry
[from raspberry tart, rhyming slang for ‘fart’]

early 17th century: from dialect rasp, abbreviation of obsolete raspis ‘raspberry’ (also used as a collective), of unknown origin, + berry