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Pronunciation of Rampancy: Learn how to pronounce Rampancy in English correctly

Learn how to say Rampancy correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rampant:

1(especially of something unwelcome) flourishing or spreading unchecked:
political violence was rampant
rampant inflation
unrestrained in action or performance:
rampant sex
(of a plant) lush in growth; luxuriant:
a rich soil soon becomes home to rampant weeds
2 [usually postpositive] Heraldry (of an animal) represented standing on one hind foot with its forefeet in the air (typically in profile, facing the dexter side, with right hind foot and tail raised):
two gold lions rampant
Middle English (as a heraldic term): from Old French, literally ‘crawling’, present participle of ramper (see ramp). From the original use describing a wild animal arose the sense ‘fierce’, whence the current notion of ‘unrestrained’