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Pronunciation of Racer: Learn how to pronounce Racer in English correctly

Learn how to say Racer correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word racer:

1an animal or means of transport bred or designed for racing:
tall-masted ocean racers
a person who competes in races:
a car that every top racer wants to drive
he’s Britain’s No 1 downhill racer
[as modifier]another term for racerback.
a racer bra
2a fast-moving, harmless, and typically slender-bodied snake.
Several genera in the family Colubridae: genus Coluber, including the American C. constrictor and the European C. gemonensis (see also whip snake), and the Asian genera Ptyas and Argyrogena (also called rat snake)
3a circular horizontal rail along which the carriage or traversing platform of a heavy gun moves.