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Pronunciation of Quitting: Learn how to pronounce Quitting in English correctly

Learn how to say Quitting correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word quit:

verb (quits, quitting; past and past participle quitted or quit)
1 [with object] leave (a place), usually permanently:
hippies finally quit two sites in Hampshire last night
[no object] (of a tenant) leave rented accommodation:
the landlord issued a notice to quit
informal resign from (a job):
she quit her job in a pizza restaurant
[no object]:
he quit as manager of the struggling Third Division team
informal, chiefly North American stop or discontinue (an action or activity):
quit moaning!
I want to quit smoking
2 (quit oneself) [with adverbial] archaic behave in a specified way:
quit yourselves like men, and fight
(quit of)
rid of:
I want to be quit of him

quit hold of

archaic let go of.

Middle English (in the sense ‘set free’): from Old French quiter (verb), quite (adjective), from Latin quietus, past participle of quiescere ‘be still’, from quies ‘quiet’