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Pronunciation of Questioningly: Learn how to pronounce Questioningly in English correctly

Learn how to say Questioningly correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word question:

1a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information:
we hope this leaflet has been helpful in answering your questions
a doubt about the truth or validity of something:
there’s no question that the company’s true financial situation is different
[mass noun] the raising of a doubt about or objection to something:
Edward was the only one she obeyed without question
her loyalty is really beyond question
2a matter requiring resolution or discussion:
the question of local government funding worried ministers
a matter or concern depending on or involving a specified condition or thing:
it was not simply a question of age and hierarchy
[with object]
ask (someone) questions, especially in an official context:
four men were being questioned about the killings
(as noun questioning)
the young lieutenant escorted us to the barracks for questioning
feel or express doubt about; raise objections to:
members had questioned the cost of the scheme

be a question of time

be certain to happen sooner or later:
it is only a question of time before somebody is killed
bring something into question

raise an issue for further consideration or discussion:
technology had brought into question the whole future of work
come into question

become an issue for further consideration or discussion:
our Sunday Trading laws have come into question
in question

1being considered or discussed:
on the day in question, there were several serious emergencies
2in doubt:
all of the old certainties are in question
no question of

no possibility of:
there is no question of the fight not going ahead
out of the question

too impracticable or unlikely to merit discussion.
put the question

(in a formal debate or meeting) require supporters and opponents of a proposal to record their votes.




late Middle English: from Old French question (noun), questionner (verb), from Latin quaestio(n-), from quaerere ‘ask, seek’