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Pronunciation of Question Tag: Learn how to pronounce Question Tag in English correctly

Learn how to say Question Tag correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word tag question:

a question converted from a statement by an appended interrogative formula, e.g. it’s nice out, isn’t it?.

A question ‘tagged on’ to the end of a statement. For example:
Those daffodils have gone pale, haven’t they? She shouldn’t have left, should she? You thought it was still six, didn’t you?
When a speaker uses a tag question, he or she normally expects agreement or confirmation from the listener.StructureIf the statement contains an auxiliary verb the tag question repeats this, as in the first two examples. If the statement verb is in the simple present or the simple past then the tag question uses do or did, as in the last example.If the speaker expects the answer Yes, then the tag question is in the negative (as in the first and last examples). If the answer No is expected, then the tag question is in the positive, as in the second example.PronunciationTag questions can be made confidently. In this case they are spoken with falling intonation. If the speaker is more tentative then they are spoken with a rising tone.