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Pronunciation of Quantities: Learn how to pronounce Quantities in English correctly

Learn how to say Quantities correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word quantity:

noun (plural quantities)
[mass noun]
1the amount or number of a material or abstract thing not usually estimated by spatial measurement:
the quantity and quality of the fruit can be controlled
[count noun] a certain, usually specified, amount or number of something:
a small quantity of food
if taken in large quantities, the drug can result in liver failure
(often quantities) a considerable number or amount of something:
she was able to drink quantities of beer without degenerating into giggles
[mass noun]:
many people like to buy in quantity
2 Phonetics the perceived length of a vowel sound or syllable.
3 Mathematics & Physics a value or component that may be expressed in numbers.
[count noun] the figure or symbol representing a quantity.

Middle English: from Old French quantite, from Latin quantitas (translating Greek posot─ôs), from quantus ‘how great, how much’