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Pronunciation of Publishing: Learn how to pronounce Publishing in English correctly

Learn how to say Publishing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word publish:

[with object]
1prepare and issue (a book, journal, or piece of music) for public sale:
we publish practical reference books
[no object]:
the pressures on researchers to publish
print (something) in a book or journal so as to make it generally known:
we pay £5 for every letter we publish
(usually as adjective published) prepare and issue the works of (a particular writer):
a published author
formally announce or read (an edict or marriage banns).
2 Law communicate (a libel) to a third party.



Middle English (in the sense ‘make generally known’): from the stem of Old French puplier, from Latin publicare ‘make public’, from publicus (see public)