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Pronunciation of Primitively: Learn how to pronounce Primitively in English correctly

Learn how to say Primitively correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word primitive:

of or belonging to the first or beginning; original
characteristic of an early state, esp in being crude or uncivilized ⇒ a primitive dwelling
(anthropology) denoting or relating to a preliterate and nonindustrial social system
of, relating to, or resembling an early stage in the evolutionary development of a particular group of organisms ⇒ primitive amphibians
another word for primordial (sense 3)
showing the characteristics of primitive painters; untrained, childlike, or naive
(geology) pertaining to magmas that have experienced only small degrees of fractional crystallization or crystal contamination
(obsolete) of, relating to, or denoting rocks formed in or before the Palaeozoic era
(obsolete) denoting a word from which another word is derived, as for example hope, from which hopeless is derived
(Protestant theology) of, relating to, or associated with a minority group that breaks away from a sect, denomination, or Church in order to return to what is regarded as the original simplicity of the Gospels
a primitive person or thing
an artist whose work does not conform to traditional, academic, or avant-garde standards of Western painting, such as a painter from an African or Oceanic civilization
a painter of the pre-Renaissance era in European painting
a painter of any era whose work appears childlike or untrained Also called (for senses 11a, 11c): naive
a work by such an artist
a word or concept from which another word or concept is derived
(mathematics) a curve, function, or other form from which another is derived