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Pronunciation of Presumably: Learn how to pronounce Presumably in English correctly

Learn how to say Presumably correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word presume:

1 [with clause] suppose that something is the case on the basis of probability:
I presumed that the man had been escorted from the building
[with object and complement]:
two of the journalists went missing and are presumed dead
take for granted that something exists or is the case:
the argument presumes that only one person can do the work
2 [no object, with infinitive] be arrogant or impertinent enough to do something:
kindly don’t presume to issue me orders in my own house
[no object] make unjustified demands; take liberties:
forgive me if I have presumed
[no object] (presume on/upon) unjustifiably regard (something) as entitling one to privileges:
he was wary of presuming on the close friendship between them
late Middle English: from Old French presumer, from Latin praesumere ‘anticipate’ (in late Latin ‘take for granted’), from prae ‘before’ + sumere ‘take’