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Pronunciation of Preachingly: Learn how to pronounce Preachingly in English correctly

Learn how to say Preachingly correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word preach:

[no object]
deliver a sermon or religious address to an assembled group of people, typically in church:
he preached to a large congregation
[with object]:
our pastor will preach the sermon
(as noun preaching)
large numbers of people would come to hear his preaching
[with object] publicly proclaim or teach (a religious message or belief):
he preached the word of God
[with object] earnestly advocate (a belief or course of action):
my parents have always preached toleration and moderation
give moral advice to someone in a pompously self-righteous way:
viewers want to be entertained, not preached at
preach to the converted
advocate something to people who already share one’s convictions about its merits or importance.
Middle English: from Old French prechier, from Latin praedicare ‘proclaim’, in ecclesiastical Latin ‘preach’, from prae ‘before’ + dicare ‘declare’