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Pronunciation of Powdering: Learn how to pronounce Powdering in English correctly

Learn how to say Powdering correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word powder:

[mass noun]
fine, dry particles produced by the grinding, crushing, or disintegration of a solid substance:
add four tablespoons of cocoa powder
[count noun]:
crush the poppy seeds to a powder
(also face powder) a cosmetic in the form of powder, applied to a person’s face with a brush or soft pad:
she applied lipstick and powder
a light dusting of translucent powder
[count noun] dated a medicine or drug in the form of powder, usually designed to be dissolved in a liquid:
she dropped a powder into his water glass
(also powder snow) loose, dry newly fallen snow:
in Aspen, blue skies and good powder drew in record numbers
[as modifier]:
powder skiing
[with object]
1apply cosmetic powder to (the face or body):
she powdered her face and put on a dab of perfume
sprinkle or cover (a surface) with powder or a powdery substance:
broken glass powdered the floor
2reduce (a substance) to a powder by drying or crushing it:
then the rose petals are dried and powdered
keep one’s powder dry
remain cautious and ready for a possible emergency.
powder one’s nose
euphemistic (of a woman) go to the toilet.
take a powder
North American informal depart quickly, especially in order to avoid a difficult situation.
Middle English: from Old French poudre, from Latin pulvis, pulver- ‘dust’