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Pronunciation of Pounds: Learn how to pronounce Pounds in English correctly

Learn how to say Pounds correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pound:

1 (abbreviation: lb) a unit of weight equal to 16 oz. avoirdupois (0.4536 kg), or 12 oz. troy (0.3732 kg).
2 (also pound sterling) (plural pounds sterling) the basic monetary unit of the UK, equal to 100 pence.
another term for punt4.
the basic monetary unit of several Middle Eastern countries, equal to 100 piastres.
the former basic monetary unit of Cyprus, equal to 100 cents.
the basic monetary unit of Sudan.
a pound to a penny
British informal
used to emphasize one’s certainty about something:
simply think of your budget and a pound to a penny we’ll have the car to suit it
one’s pound of flesh
something one is strictly or legally entitled to, but which it is ruthless or inhuman to demand.
[with allusion to Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice]
Old English pund, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch pond and German Pfund, from Latin (libra) pondo, denoting a Roman ‘pound weight’ of 12 ounces