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Pronunciation of Pouches: Learn how to pronounce Pouches in English correctly

Learn how to say Pouches correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pouch:

1a small flexible bag, typically carried in a pocket or attached to a belt:
a tobacco pouch
webbing with pouches for stun grenades
a lockable bag for mail or dispatches.
2a pocket-like abdominal receptacle in which marsupials carry their young during lactation.
any of a number of pocket-like animal structures, such as those in the cheeks of rodents.
3 (often pouches) a baggy area of skin underneath a person’s eyes:
he had deep pouches under his dark eyes
[with object]
1put into a pouch:
he stopped, pouched his tickets, and plodded on
informal succeed in securing:
he pouched his fifth first prize by beating Higginson in the final
Cricket catch (the ball):
Hick pouched his fourth catch with ease
2make (part of a garment) hang like a pouch:
the muslin is lightly pouched over the belt
Middle English (as a noun): from Old Northern French pouche, variant of Old French poche ‘bag’. Compare with poke2