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Pronunciation of Pots: Learn how to pronounce Pots in English correctly

Learn how to say Pots correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pot:

1a rounded or cylindrical container, typically of metal, used for cooking:
pots and pans hung from a rack
[usually with modifier or in combination] any of various containers made for a particular purpose, especially one used for storage:
a yogurt pot
a coffee pot
a container for holding drink, especially beer.
the contents of a pot:
a pot of coffee
2 (the pot) the total sum of the bets made on a round in poker, brag, etc.:
Jim raked in half the pot
all the money contributed by a group of people for a particular purpose:
in insurance, everybody puts money into the pot used to pay claims
3 informal a prize in a sporting contest, especially a silver cup.
4 informal a pot belly:
men pat their pots proudly and talk of how they must have got through a few skinfuls
5 informal an engine cylinder.
6 Billiards & Snooker a shot in which a player strikes a ball into a pocket:
he put together a 36 clearance to blue which was full of difficult pots
verb (pots, potting, potted)
[with object]
1plant in a flowerpot:
pot individual cuttings as soon as you see new young leaves
(pot something on) transplant a plant from a small flowerpot to a larger one.
(pot something up) transplant a seedling into a flowerpot.
2preserve (food, especially meat or fish) in a sealed pot or jar:
venison can be potted in the same way as tongue
3 Billiards & Snooker strike (a ball) into a pocket:
he failed to pot a red at close range
4 informal hit or kill by shooting:
he was shot in the eye as neighbours potted clay pigeons
succeed in obtaining (something desirable); win:
do you fancy potting a fine trophy?
5 [no object] make articles from earthenware or baked clay:
why not paint or pot in the sun this winter?
6British sit (a young child) on a potty.
7encapsulate (an electrical component or circuit) in a synthetic resin or similar insulating material which sets solid.
for the pot
for food or cooking:
he shot a pigeon for the pot
go to pot
informal deteriorate through neglect:
the foundry was allowed to go to pot in the seventies
the pot calling the kettle black
used to convey that the criticisms a person is aiming at someone else could equally well apply to themselves:
the Council is complaining that the post office is slow at communication—talk about pot calling the kettle black!
pot of gold
see gold.
pots of money
informal a very large amount of money:
people who’ve got pots of money in the bank
shit (or piss) or get off the pot
vulgar slang used to convey that someone should stop wasting time and get on with something.
a watched pot never boils
proverb time seems to drag endlessly when you’re waiting for something to happen.
noun (plural potfuls)
late Old English pott, probably reinforced in Middle English by Old French pot; of unknown ultimate origin (compare with late Latin potus ‘drinking cup’). Current senses of the verb date from the early 17th century