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Pronunciation of Potholed: Learn how to pronounce Potholed in English correctly

Learn how to say Potholed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pothole:

1a deep natural underground cave formed by the erosion of rock, especially by the action of water.
a deep circular hole in a riverbed formed by the erosion of the rock by the rotation of stones in an eddy.
(also pothole lake) North American a pond formed by a natural hollow in the ground in which water has collected:
upstream were potholes from the recent rains where a pair of herons stood
2a depression or hollow in a road surface caused by wear or subsidence:
he drove very cautiously over the potholes in the road
[no object] (often as noun potholing) British
explore underground potholes as a pastime:
they went potholing in the Pennines
early 19th century: from Middle English pot ‘pit’ (perhaps of Scandinavian origin) + hole