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Pronunciation of Potencies: Learn how to pronounce Potencies in English correctly

Learn how to say Potencies correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word potency:

noun (plural potencies)
[mass noun]
1the power of something to affect the mind or body:
a myth of enormous potency
the unexpected potency of the rum punch
[count noun] (in homeopathy) the number of times a remedy has been diluted and succussed, taken as a measure of the strength of the effect it will produce:
she was given a low potency twice daily
Genetics the extent of the contribution of an allele towards the production of a phenotypic characteristic.
Biology a capacity in embryonic tissue for developing into a particular specialized tissue or organ.
2a male’s ability to achieve an erection or to reach orgasm:
the myth of declining sexual potency with increasing age