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Pronunciation of Post: Learn how to pronounce Post in English correctly

Learn how to say Post correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word post:

1a long, sturdy piece of timber or metal set upright in the ground and used as a support or marker:
follow the blue posts until the track meets a road
a goalpost:
Robertson, at the near post, headed wide
(the post) a starting post or winning post.
2an online posting.
[with object]
1display (a notice) in a public place:
a curt notice had been posted on the door
put notices on or in:
we have posted all the bars
2announce or publish (something, especially a financial result):
the company posted a £460,000 loss
[with object and complement] publish the name of (a member of the armed forces) as missing or dead:
a whole troop had been posted missing
submit (a message, link, image, etc.) to an online location, such as a blog, social media website, or forum:
the list was promptly posted all over the Internet
3(of a player or team) achieve or record (a particular score or result):
Smith and Lamb posted a century partnership

go (or come) to post
(of a racehorse) start a race:
only four of the fifteen entries go to post
Phrasal Verbs

post up
Basketball play in a position near the basket, along the side of the key:
Jordan settled for jumpers instead of using his five-inch height advantage to post up

Old English, from Latin postis ‘doorpost’, later ‘rod, beam’, probably reinforced in Middle English by Old French post ‘pillar, beam’ and Middle Dutch, Middle Low German post ‘doorpost’