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Pronunciation of Possessions: Learn how to pronounce Possessions in English correctly

Learn how to say Possessions correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word possession:

1 [mass noun] the state of having, owning, or controlling something:
she had taken possession of the sofa
the book came into my possession
he remains in full possession of his sanity
Law visible power or control over something, as distinct from lawful ownership; holding or occupancy as distinct from ownership:
the landlord wishes to gain possession of the accommodation
informal the state of possessing an illegal drug:
they’re charged with possession
(in soccer, rugby, and other ball games) temporary control of the ball by a player or team:
the ball hit a defender and Brown’s quick reaction put him in possession
2 (usually possessions) something that is owned or possessed:
I had no money or possessions
that photograph was Bert’s most precious possession
a territory or country controlled or governed by another:
France’s former colonial possessions
3 [mass noun] the state of being controlled by a demon or spirit:
they said prayers to protect the people inside the hall from demonic possession
the state of being completely dominated by an idea or emotion:
fear took possession of my soul


Middle English: from Old French, from Latin possessio(n-), from the verb possidere (see possess)