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Pronunciation of Portioned: Learn how to pronounce Portioned in English correctly

Learn how to say Portioned correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word portion:

1a part of a whole:
a portion of the jetty still stands
he could repeat large portions of Shakespeare
a part of something divided between people; a share:
she wanted the right to decide how her portion of the allowance should be spent
an amount of food suitable for or served to one person:
a portion of ice cream
burger joints offering huge portions
Law the part or share of an estate given or descending by law to an heir.
(also marriage portion) archaic a dowry given to a bride at her marriage:
he’ll marry her fast enough when he knows the sum of her portion
2 archaic a person’s destiny or lot:
what will be my portion?
[with object]
divide (something) into parts and share out:
for centuries meadowland with common hay rights was portioned out
(usually as adjective, with submodifier portioned) serve (food) in an amount suitable for one person:
generously portioned lunches
archaic give a dowry to (a bride):
my parents will portion me most handsomely

Middle English: from Old French porcion, from Latin portio(n-), from the phrase pro portione ‘in proportion’