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Pronunciation of Ponies: Learn how to pronounce Ponies in English correctly

Learn how to say Ponies correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pony:

noun (plural ponies)
1a horse of a small breed, especially one below 15 hands (or 14 hands 2 inches).
(the ponies) informal, chiefly North American racehorses:
he had been playing the ponies on the side
2 informal a small glass or measure of alcohol:
a pony of vodka
3British informal a sum of £25.
verb (ponies, ponying, ponied)
[with object] (pony something up) North American informal
pay a sum of money, especially as a contribution or unavoidable expense:
he ponied up $450 for the project
mid 17th century: probably from French poulenet ‘small foal’, diminutive of poulain, from late Latin pullanus, from Latin pullus ‘young animal’