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Pronunciation of Poleward: Learn how to pronounce Poleward in English correctly

Learn how to say Poleward correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pole:

either of the two locations ( North Pole or South Pole) on the surface of the earth (or of a celestial object) which are the northern and southern ends of the axis of rotation. See also magnetic pole.
Geometry either of the two points at which the axis of a circle cuts the surface of a sphere.
Geometry a fixed point to which other points or lines are referred, e.g. the origin of polar coordinates or the point of which a line or curve is a polar.
Biology an extremity of the main axis of a cell, organ, or part.
each of the two opposite points on the surface of a magnet at which magnetic forces are strongest.
each of two terminals (positive and negative) of an electric cell, battery, or machine.
one of two opposed or contradictory principles or ideas:
Miriam and Rebecca represent two poles in the argument about transracial adoption
be poles apart
have nothing in common:
the two sisters had ceased to communicate with each other—their ideas were now poles apart
adjective & adverb
late Middle English: from Latin polus ‘end of an axis’, from Greek polos ‘pivot, axis, sky’

Do not confuse pole with poll. Pole means ‘a long, thin piece of metal or wood’ or ‘a point at the opposite end to another’ (she and Tom were poles apart in temperament), whereas poll means ‘the process of voting in an election’ (voters go to the polls next week) or ‘record someone’s vote or opinion’.