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Pronunciation of Polar: Learn how to pronounce Polar in English correctly

Learn how to say Polar correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word polar:

1relating to the North or South Pole:
the polar regions
(of an animal or plant) living in the north or south polar region:
most polar birds breed seasonally
Astronomy relating to the poles of a celestial body:
the polar radius of Jupiter is 66,550 km
Astronomy relating to a celestial pole.
Geometry relating to the poles of a sphere. See pole2.
Biology relating to the poles of a cell, organ, or part.
2 Physics & Chemistry having electrical or magnetic polarity.
(of a liquid, especially a solvent) consisting of molecules with a dipole moment.
(of a solid) ionic.
3directly opposite in character or tendency:
depression and its polar opposite, mania
1 Geometry the straight line joining the two points at which tangents from a fixed point touch a conic section.
2 Astronomy a variable binary star which emits strongly polarized light, one component being a strongly magnetic white dwarf.
mid 16th century: from medieval Latin polaris ‘heavenly’, from Latin polus ‘end of an axis’ (see pole2)