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Pronunciation of Point To: Learn how to pronounce Point To in English correctly

Learn how to say Point To correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word point:

1 [no object] direct someone’s attention towards something by extending one’s finger or something held in one’s hand:
the lads were nudging each other and pointing at me
[with adverbial] indicate a particular time, direction, or reading:
a sign pointing left
[with object] direct or aim (something) at someone or something:
he pointed the torch beam at the floor
[with adverbial of direction] face or be turned in a particular direction:
two of its toes point forward and two point back
2 [no object, with adverbial] cite a fact or situation as evidence of something:
he points to several factors supporting this conclusion
(point to) (of a fact or situation) indicate that (something) is likely to happen or be the case:
everything pointed to an Eastern attack
[with object] give force or emphasis to (words or actions):
he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to point a moral
3 [with object] chiefly Ballet extend (the toes) by tensing the foot and ankle so as to form a point:
reach up with your arms and point your toes
4 [with object] fill the joints of (brickwork or masonry) with smoothly finished mortar:
the bricks have been poorly pointed
5 [with object] give a sharp, tapered point to:
he twisted and pointed his moustache
6 [with object] insert points in (written text of Semitic languages).
mark (Psalms) with signs for chanting.
7 [with object] (of a dog) indicate the presence of (game) by standing rigid while looking towards it.