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Pronunciation of Podium: Learn how to pronounce Podium in English correctly

Learn how to say Podium correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word podium:

noun (plural podiums or podia /ˈpəʊdɪə/)
a small platform on which a person may stand to be seen by an audience, as when making a speech or conducting an orchestra:
he was at the podium facing an expectant conference crowd
North American a lectern:
I took the score out of my briefcase and put it on the podium
(in some sporting events) a structure consisting of three adjacent platforms of different heights, on which the competitors finishing in first, second, and third places receive their awards:
it was more than I could imagine to be up on the podium and singing the national anthem
a continuous projecting base or pedestal under a building:
a six columned portico raised on a podium
a projecting lower structure around the base of a tower block.
a raised platform surrounding the arena in an ancient amphitheatre.
[no object] chiefly US
(of a competitor in a sporting event) finish first, second, or third, so as to appear on a podium to receive an award:
older riders who expected to podium may find themselves racing against other riders who are years younger
mid 18th century: via Latin from Greek podion, diminutive of pous, pod- ‘foot’