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Pronunciation of Pluses: Learn how to pronounce Pluses in English correctly

Learn how to say Pluses correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word plus:

1with the addition of:
two plus four is six
he was awarded the full amount plus interest
informal together with:
all apartments have a small kitchen plus private bathroom
2(of temperature) above zero:
the temperature is frequently plus 35 degrees at midday
1 [postpositive] (after a number or amount) at least:
companies put losses at $500,000 plus
(after a grade) rather better than:
B plus
2(before a number) above zero; positive:
plus 60 degrees centigrade
3having a positive electric charge.
1short for plus sign.
a mathematical operation of addition:
a minus and a plus make another minus
2an advantage:
knowing the language is a decided plus
[as modifier]:
on the plus side, the staff are enthusiastic and good-natured
furthermore; also:
it’s packed full of medical advice, plus it keeps you informed about the latest research

mid 16th century: from Latin, literally ‘more’