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Pronunciation of Pledge: Learn how to pronounce Pledge in English correctly

Learn how to say Pledge correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pledge:

1a solemn promise or undertaking:
[with infinitive]:
the conference ended with a joint pledge to limit pollution
a promise of a donation to charity:
appeals for emergency relief met with pledges totalling £250,000,000
(the pledge) a solemn undertaking to abstain from alcohol:
she persuaded Arthur to take the pledge
2 Law a thing that is given as security for the fulfilment of a contract or the payment of a debt and is liable to forfeiture in the event of failure:
he had given the object as a pledge to a creditor
a thing given as a token of love, favour, or loyalty:
I have no intention of giving you anything that could be held against me as a pledge
3 archaic the drinking of a person’s health; a toast.
1 [with object and infinitive] commit (a person or organization) by a solemn promise:
the government pledged itself to deal with environmental problems
[with clause] formally declare or promise that something is or will be the case:
the Prime Minister pledged that there would be no increase in VAT
[no object, with infinitive] solemnly undertake to do something:
they pledged to continue the campaign for funding
[with object] undertake formally to give:
Japan pledged $100 million in humanitarian aid
2 [with object] Law give as security on a loan:
the creditor to whom the land is pledged
3 [with object] archaic drink to the health of:
in his hand a sculptured goblet, as he pledged the merchant kings
pledge one’s troth
see troth.
noun ( Law)
Middle English (denoting a person acting as surety for another): from Old French plege, from medieval Latin plebium, perhaps related to the Germanic base of plight2