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Pronunciation of Plebiscite: Learn how to pronounce Plebiscite in English correctly

Learn how to say Plebiscite correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word plebiscite:

the direct vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question such as a change in the constitution:
the administration will hold a plebiscite for the approval of constitutional reforms
Roman History a law enacted by the plebeians’ assembly.
Pronunciation: /-ˈbɪsɪt(ə)ri/
mid 16th century (referring to Roman history): from French plébiscite, from Latin plebiscitum, from plebs, pleb- ‘the common people’ + scitum ‘decree’ (from sciscere ‘vote for’). The sense ‘direct vote of the whole electorate’ dates from the mid 19th century