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Pronunciation of Platters: Learn how to pronounce Platters in English correctly

Learn how to say Platters correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word platter:

1a large flat dish or plate for serving food:
[with modifier]:
arrange the fruit on a serving platter
a quantity of food served on a platter:
huge platters of cooked meat
a meal or selection of food placed on a platter, especially one served in a restaurant:
dinner was a bowl of soup and a cold platter
2something shaped like a platter, in particular:
informal, dated a record:
dig out some old platters
the rotating metal disc forming the turntable of a record player.
Computing a rigid rotating disk on which data is stored in a disk drive; a hard disk (considered as a physical object).
on a (silver) platter
informal used to indicate that someone receives or achieves something with little or no effort:
they certainly don’t give everything to you on a silver platter
Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French plater, from plat ‘large dish’ (see plate)