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Pronunciation of Plasm: Learn how to pronounce Plasm in English correctly

Learn how to say Plasm correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word plasma:

[mass noun]
1the colourless fluid part of blood, lymph, or milk, in which corpuscles or fat globules are suspended.
2an ionized gas consisting of positive ions and free electrons in proportions resulting in more or less no overall electric charge, typically at low pressures (as in the upper atmosphere and in fluorescent lamps) or at very high temperatures (as in stars and nuclear fusion reactors):
the current passed through a column of plasma
[as modifier]:
plasma physics
a substance analogous to ionized-gas plasma, consisting of mobile charged particles (such as a molten salt or the electrons within a metal).
3a bright green, translucent variety of quartz used in mosaic and for other decorative purposes.
4another term for cytoplasm or protoplasm.

Pronunciation: /-ˈmatɪk/

early 18th century (in the sense ‘mould, shape’): from late Latin, literally ‘mould’, from Greek plasma, from plassein ‘to shape’