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Pronunciation of Piking: Learn how to pronounce Piking in English correctly

Learn how to say Piking correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pike:

1 historical an infantry weapon with a pointed steel or iron head on a long wooden shaft.
2Northern English (in names of hills in the Lake District) a hill with a peaked top:
Scafell Pike
[with object] historical
kill or thrust (someone) through with a pike:
many prisoners were taken out and piked

early 16th century: from French pique, back-formation from piquer ‘pierce’, from pic ‘pick, pike’; compare with Old English pīc ‘point, prick’ (of unknown origin). pike2 (sense 2 of the noun) is apparently of Scandinavian origin; compare with West Norwegian dialect pīk ‘pointed mountain’