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Pronunciation of Pigging: Learn how to pronounce Pigging in English correctly

Learn how to say Pigging correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pig:

1an omnivorous domesticated hoofed mammal with sparse bristly hair and a flat snout for rooting in the soil, kept for its meat.
Sus domesticus, family Suidae (the pig family), descended from the wild boar and domesticated over 8,000 years ago. The pig family also includes the warthog and babirusa
a wild animal of the pig family; a hog.
North American a young pig; a piglet.
[mass noun] the flesh of a pig as food.
2 informal a greedy, dirty, or unpleasant person:
I bet he’s scoffed them all, greedy pig
3 derogatory a police officer:
the pigs! the pigs! you’ll never take me alive, copper!
4an oblong mass of iron or lead from a smelting furnace. See also pig iron.
5a device which fits snugly inside an oil or gas pipeline and is sent through it to clean or test the inside, or to act as a barrier.
verb (pigs, pigging, pigged)
[no object]
1 informal gorge oneself with food:
lovesick people pig out on chocolate
2 informal crowd together with other people in disorderly or dirty conditions:
he didn’t approve of the proposal to pig it in the studio
3(of a sow) give birth to piglets; farrow.
4operate a pig within an oil or gas pipeline:
(as noun pigging)
they will carry out all trenching and pigging