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Pronunciation of Perching: Learn how to pronounce Perching in English correctly

Learn how to say Perching correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word perch:

an object on which a bird alights or roosts, typically a branch or horizontal bar:
the budgerigar shuffled along its perch
a place where someone or something rests or sits, especially one that is high or precarious:
Marian looked down from her perch in a beech tree above the road
[no object, with adverbial of place]
(of a bird) alight or rest on something:
a herring gull perched on the rails
(of a person) sit on something high or narrow:
Eve perched on the side of the armchair
(be perched) (of a building) be situated above or on the edge of something:
the fortress is perched on a crag in the mountains
[with object] (perch someone/thing on) set or balance someone or something on:
Peter perched a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles on his nose

knock someone off their perch

informal cause someone to lose a position of superiority or pre-eminence:
will this knock London off its perch as Europe’s leading financial centre?



late Middle English: the noun from perch3; the verb from Old French percher