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Pronunciation of Peel: Learn how to pronounce Peel in English correctly

Learn how to say Peel correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word peel:

1 [with object] remove the outer covering or skin from (a fruit, vegetable, or prawn):
she watched him peel an apple with deliberate care
remove (the outer covering or skin) from a fruit or vegetable:
peel off the skins and thickly slice the potatoes
[no object] (of a fruit or vegetable) have a skin that can be removed:
oranges that peel easily
2 [with object] (peel something away/off) remove a thin outer covering or part:
I peeled off the tissue paper
(peel something off) remove a garment:
Suzy peeled off her white pullover
3 [no object] (of a surface or object) lose parts of its outer layer or covering in small strips or pieces:
the walls are peeling
[with adverbial] (of an outer layer) come off in strips or small pieces:
if it’s paper you’re washing, make sure it won’t peel off if it gets damp
paint was peeling from the shopfronts
1 [mass noun] the outer covering or rind of a fruit or vegetable:
pieces of potato peel
2an act of exfoliating dead skin in the cosmetic treatment of microdermabrasion.