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Pronunciation of Pedigreed: Learn how to pronounce Pedigreed in English correctly

Learn how to say Pedigreed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pedigree:

1the record of descent of an animal, showing it to be pure-bred:
they are looking for animals with pedigrees
[mass noun]:
a spaniel of distinguished pedigree
a pure-bred animal.
2the recorded ancestry or lineage of a person or family:
with a pedigree equal to many of the gentry
[mass noun]:
the debate about pedigree and family fortunes
the history or provenance of a person or thing, especially as conferring distinction:
the scheme has a long pedigree
a genealogical table:
my host showed me his family pedigree
(of an animal) pure-bred:
pedigree cats