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Pronunciation of Peal: Learn how to pronounce Peal in English correctly

Learn how to say Peal correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word peal:

1a loud ringing of a bell or bells:
the bell rang again, a long, loud peal
Bell-ringing a series of changes (strictly, at least five thousand) rung on a set of bells.
a set of bells.
2a loud repeated or reverberating sound of thunder or laughter:
Ross burst into peals of laughter
[no object]
(of a bell or bells) ring loudly or in a peal:
all the bells of the city began to peal
(of laughter or thunder) sound in a peal:
Aunt Edie’s laughter pealed around the parlour
[with object] convey by the ringing of bells:
the carillon pealed out the news to the waiting city

late Middle English: shortening of appeal