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Pronunciation of Paste: Learn how to pronounce Paste in English correctly

Learn how to say Paste correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word paste:

[mass noun]
a thick, soft, moist substance typically produced by mixing dry ingredients with a liquid:
blend onions, sugar, and oil to a paste
a paste used as an adhesive, especially for sticking paper:
wallpaper paste
a savoury spread:
salmon paste
a mixture consisting mainly of clay and water that is used in making ceramic ware, especially a mixture of low plasticity based on kaolin for making porcelain.
a hard vitreous composition used in making imitation gems:
[as modifier]:
paste brooches
[with object]
1coat with paste:
when coating walls with fabric, paste the wall, not the fabric
[with object and adverbial of place] fasten or stick (something) with paste:
the posters were pasted up on to street noticeboards
Computing insert (a piece of text or other data copied from elsewhere).
2 informal beat or defeat severely:
he pasted the guy and tied his ankles together

late Middle English: from Old French, from late Latin pasta ‘medicinal preparation in the shape of a small square’, probably from Greek pastÄ“, (plural) pasta ‘barley porridge’, from pastos ‘sprinkled’